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The Hunger Games Challenge

The Mystery Box Challenge

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Kitchen Showdown Team Building Events 

At Kitchen Showdown, we focus on culinary team building and cooking classes.

Whether you’re a competent cook or simply wanting a basic understanding of

Asian ingredients or cooking methods, our professional chefs will inspire you to

reach your culinary potential. Besides these classes, we also provide corporate

team building events in Singapore.

At our bonding activities, we offer a range of

cooking classes to suit all competency levels that are fun, concentrated and

interactive. We have served up an array of dishes such as Asian squid salad, pan

fried fish, flavoured prawns and top quality meat dishes. Our aim is to bring

people together through our specialized activities and most certainly with food.

Simple yet artistic, we seek to bring out the best of each individual and engage

them with others alike in our specialized classes.

To name a few, they are : The

Hunger games, Mystery box challenge, Team Bake Off & Ready Steady Cook.

Corporate challenges are as fun. We provide two things: a specific objective

that’s important to your organisation, and an activity that your staff will enjoy.

Who doesn’t love to eat? What’s better than getting to know what goes into

preparing your favourite dishes.

Hence, our Kawaii Bento Workshops and Cookery masterclass are tailored to meet the corporate gender. Especially

when you are trying to reinforce a new company strategy, solve a

communication issue within a team, or just getting everyone together for a fun

afternoon. Kitchen Showdown has sought out to cater to these needs. Please do

not hesitate to contact us via our forms, contact us page or emailing us at Our team will get in touch with you as soon as